Ms Sally  B.Ed.

Child Care Assistant, Academics

​​Ms Sally has several years of experience working with children of all ages in China, and volunteering in a Montessori school here in Winnipeg.

Ms Sally obtained her Bachelor of Education Degree in China and finished her Certification Program at the University of Manitoba.

​Ms Sally loves working with children in a classroom setting and is excited to be a part of The Prep, bringing her expertise in elementary academics. 

Ms Sally is patient, positive and energetic.  In her spare time she loves to travel, read books and spend time with friends and family. 

Angela Fry  Infant Toddler Montessori Diploma

Executive Director, AMS and MACTE Certified

​Angela has several years of experience working and volunteering in the field of Early Childhood Education.  She has worked as a Head Teacher in both toddler and preschool Montessori classrooms.  

Angela is passionate about her work with children and is always willing to get down to their level to help and understand them.  Montessori as a whole is a philosophy that Angela believes is not only a wonderful teaching method but encompasses education for life.  Through this belief Angela knows that when children are in an appropriate environment and are given space to grow they are capable of so much more than they ever thought possible!

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Demetra Hajidiacos and Leanne Howlett are experienced businesswomen who are passionate about bringing exceptional childcare to the Charleswood area.  In addition to owning and operating The Prep Montessori Daycare, Demetra and Leanne are the proud owners of the adjacent business Autism Learning Centre and have decades of experience working with children of all ages and levels of ability.  Demetra and Leanne are confident that you will adore our warm and experienced staff who will strive to provide the highest quality of care for your children!

Ms Carleena ECE II 

Supervisor, Preschool Program

Ms Carleena is an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) with many years of experience working with preschool and school aged children, including running her own home daycare for the past 11 years.  Ms Carleena loves teaching children and even has 5 of her own!

Ms Carleena is creative and kind, has a passion for inclusion, and will be teaching in the Preschool Program.  

She is excited to use her broad range of teaching expertise within the context of our Montessori curriculum and continue to learn and grow as an educator. 

Ms Jenna  Infant Toddler Montessori Diploma

Infant & 2's Montessori Teacher, AMS and MACTE Certified

​Ms Jenna has over 10 years of experience working with children, 8 of those years were specializing in Montessori Methodology.  She has had the opportunity to work with both Preschool and Toddler Montessori classes. 

​Ms Jenna loves working with children and is excited to see how they grow and develop to their fullest potential.  

In February 2016 she had a daughter who now enjoys attending The Prep!

Ms Raquel 

Child Care Assistant, Infant & 2's Program

Ms Raquel has nearly a decade of experience working with young children including children with autism, Angelman syndrome, and FASD.  

Helping to educate and inspire young children gives Ms Raquel joy and she aspires to one day earn a degree in Early Childhood Education.  

Ms Raquel is excited to be a part of The Prep, and believes in the benefits of the Montessori Method, in particular children playing a key role in their own learning.  

Ms Raquel also loves to travel, be outdoors, listen to music, read and spend time with family and friends.

Ms Sydney  

Montessori Teacher in Training

​Ms Sydney loves to work with children of all ages.  She enjoys seeing the children learn and develop into independent boys and girls.  Ms Sydney loves the outdoors and physical activity such as hiking, kayaking and playing a wide range of sports in order to stay active including coaching girls hockey.  

In addition to helping in the preschool classroom, Sydney organizes group games and instructs Yoga throughout the week. 

Sydney is an aspiring Early Childhood Educator and is very excited to help our students stay active and grow as learners in the Montessori classroom.

Ms Elena  English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

Child Care Assistant, Infant & 2's Program

​Ms Elena is an ESL Teacher who has taught children of all ages in Greece.

Ms Elena enjoys all aspects of teaching, in particular the satisfaction of children's faces every time they apply what they have been taught.  

Ms Elena is warm and positive and has experience helping children with separation anxiety using positive strategies to help children regulate their emotions. 

​Ms Elena is approachable and believes in keeping the lines of communication open with children and families alike.